Autonomie Projects (Los Angeles) press release for “A Book as a Work of Art for All” opening 4.17.2015

Altered book works DM-sinner Jodi Harvey-I'll Dress You in Morning 3 hagop-outsider Johnson_Buena HISTORY'S DISCONTENT-TRUTHS REVEALED- 72dpi Karen Chu_TTT2-1 Karen Kinney, "Plaid," 2010, mixed media on book cover, 6" x 9" From The Book Of Dreams Series: Betty & The Keys Steven_Jones_Stack_of_Books_2013_Oil_16_x12_ S Briand-photo-livreouvert-3-1


March 14, 2015

Vincent Johnson: 818-430-1604
Chelle Barbour: 424-274-1512
Autonomie Projects, Los Angeles, CA

A Book as a Work of Art for All
A group show of books turned into art
LOS ANGELES, CA — Autonomie Projects, which is located in the Mid-City area of the burgeoning new gallery corridor, along West Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles is pleased to present its spring 2015 exhibition, A Book as a Work of Art for All. Each artist in the exhibition explores their remarkable capacity to transform a book, which in itself is a found object and a contemplative objet trouvé that is altered and transformed into an extraordinary conceptual art piece. The works are beautifully well-crafted and may appear to perform as fantasies coming to life and seeming to be conjured from the book’s inner pages.
The exhibition includes distinguished artists from around the globe whose works have been exhibited in prominent museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide.
The historic significance of books as an art form can be traced back to the early 1970s Book Arts movement and further, to ancient Greece where scribes created an innovative reusable surface on the manuscript made from animal hide, which facilitated the production of new texts (sometimes the previous text would surface, creating a palimpsest). In the Victorian era, people pasted ephemera such as magazine images, family photographs and other personal treasures they wished to preserve. The exhibition A Book as a Work of Art for All, offers Los Angeles a rare opportunity to see the cultural production of leading artists working in the book arts genus of contemporary art, and emerging artists venturing into new territory in this expressive and invigorating art form.
Reception: Friday, April 17, 2015 Exhibition runs April 17, 2015 through May 16, 2015.
Beverage Sponsor: Jai-Ho Beer, Houston, TX

Participating Artists:
Banoo Batilboi (Mumbai)

Chelle Barbour (Los Angeles)

Vincent Johnson (Los Angeles)

Adrienne DeVine (Los Angeles)

J Michael Walker (Los Angeles)

Buena Johnson (Los Angeles)

Derrick Maddox (Los Angeles)

Glen Wilson (Los Angeles)

Servane Briand (San Francisco)

Karen Kinney (Los Angeles)

Jody Harvey-Brown (New York)

Dawn Rosenquist (Los Angeles)

Karen Chu (Los Angeles)

Jacqueline Rush-Lee (Hawaii)


Nicolas Jones (Australia)

Hagop Belian (Los Angeles)

Steven Jones (Illinois)

Heisue Chung (Los Angeles)

Colin Roberts (Los Angeles)

A. Mimura (Portugal/UK)

Madison Webb (Los Angeles)

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