Cleveland based Art Collector’s Transforming Van Roy Building into Personal Art Palace

It’s amazing to see Cleveland elevate its artworld game from here in LA. I was raised in Cleveland many years ago – well before the idea of MoCA Cleveland was a fantasy and New York was the only possibility. To now see two international art photography collectors commit to Cleveland as home base for their lifestyle and their art – is most remarkable. I can’t wait to see what this couple – the Bidwell’s, will be able to do with their 10,000 sq. ft. loft in the Van Roy building. Cleveland’a artists needs artworld parties and the jet set art collectors to back their work and get them into the game.

Here are two of my photographs. I hold an MFA from Art Center College of Design in Fine Art Painting. I am African-American and was raised in Cleveland, Ohio before venturing from home into the world.

Vincent Johnson in Los Angeles

Greencoincidence copy

The Green Coincidence (2002) – shot in Los Angeles, California by Vincent Johnson

Pastoral Disaster Calmed.800

Pastoral Landscape – Calmed, shot in Cleveland in 2012 by Vincent Johnson

Art collectors Fred and Laura Bidwell buy Van Roy Building to plant their flag in Cleveland (photos)


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